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Swim Spa Costs

Discover the true costs of owning a swim spa and make an informed decision with our comprehensive Swim Spa Costs Guide.

Swim Spa Reviews

Dive into our expert Swim Spa Reviews and find the perfect model for your needs and budget.

Swim Spa Guides

Explore our in-depth Swim Spa Guides to learn everything you need to know before making your purchase.

Swim Spas & Resistance Swimming 101

Swim spas are the resistance swimming fitness pools taking the world by storm. Fitting a complete swimming workout into a quarter of the length of a swimming pool, they are the ultimate in water based workouts. Its not all hard work though, with the ability to turn into a more conventional hot tub at the flick of a button you can get an amazing massage after your intense and invigorating aquatic workout.

However for all their benefits, they are also a significant and complex investment that needs to be researched properly. Bigger isn’t always better, more expensive is not always the best value. They are without doubt a very personalized product and the model your neighbour has in their garden for example may not be the right kind for your needs.

This website has been set up by enthusiasts for something to do on the weekends. It is an impartial and expert resource that guides you into the water, enabling you to make an informed decision whatever your experience level.

A Brief History Of SwimSpas

Resistance swimming has been a dream of many swimmers who just don’t have the space for a full sized swimming pool for decades. The first attempts at creating a swimming machine were in the 1970’s. These were very crude contraptions, basically a tank of water with a few jets driven directly from a pump or two. While they paved the way for the future of swimming machines the current was uneven and very unnatural to use. There were several strong spots and weak spots of water flow and the overall experience did not really meet anyones expectations.

However in the 1980’s technology had improved and the simple pump and jet system of the 1970’s was a thing of the past. Now propellers and giant paddles were being used to provide a uniform water flow. This advance is really what kick-started the industry. They were now usable machines to have a great aquatic workout with. Since then technology has improved and designs have been tweaked. Advances in water jet and pump technology have seen some direct jet current units be introduced with great success. Others have devised unique and ingenuous systems involving routing of current through channels and troughs before entering the main swimming area to give a single uniform current.

The sky is the limit these days with celebrity swimmers and the like creating their own brands. The future looks great – and that makes us very happy here at SSHT! Below is a wealth of free guides that we have prepared for you and hopefully covers everything you need to know!

Essential Reading

The Costs Can Be High

While they are an amazing addition to any workout regimen, they are not a cheap investment and are quite a financial commitment. There are many hidden costs (the installation being a big, obvious, and often underestimated one). Be sure to read our swim spa costs guide to get a breakdown of all the expected (and unexpected) costs and some money saving tips.

Which One Is Right For Me?

In Ground or Above Ground? Single Zone or Dual zone? Indoors or Outdoors? Portable or Plunge Pool? The amount of choice on the market is incredible. Check out our guides section to learn all you need to know to make an informed decision on the right model for you.

The Limits Are Endless

Swimming is not the only thing you can do to get fit and healthy. Many units come installed with accessories to create a wholesome cardiovascular workout. Accessories like underwater treadmills transform them into a multi pronged fitness investment. Or perhaps a sunbrella to make your relaxing days in the water free from direct sunlight? Check out our accessories page to learn more about all the accessories and upgrades we recommend for all owners.


Installation is not a small task, above or under the ground. Even if you are getting it installed by a professional you need to read our essential installation guide. Full of advice on how to get it installed in the perfect way and the ideal position for your needs.


Once you are up and running it is imperative to ensure you carry out regular maintenance. Get a quality cover and with proper maintenance you can have years of hassle free relaxation and exercise. Learn exactly what you should be doing to keep it in top condition by reading our maintenance guide.


It will be tempting to dive into this section first of all – but don’t! Make sure you have read up on all the other essential sections on this page so you can understand the facts and figures we give in our in depth reviews. From the big manufacturers like H2X, to smaller brands like Catalina we give each brand a thorough first hand review to let you know what we think.

Be sure to explore in the main menu above and get involved with the discussion in the comments section of each page. If you don’t understand something or want a second opinion please feel free to ask a question in the comments – we are always happy to help.

So come on in, the water is lovely!
Thanks for reading – The SSHT Team

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