Above Ground Swim Spas

Above ground swim spas are the most convenient and easy way to get resistance swimming in your home. Below are several points worth thinking about if you are considering getting an above ground model as opposed to an underground swim spa.

They Are Easier And Quicker To Install

An above ground unit can be installed within one or two days (as opposed to several months for an inbuilt one). This obviously cuts down the costs of getting it up and running.

above ground swim spa
An above ground swim spa in action

They Are Safer

Being raised above the ground minimizes the risk of children falling into them making them ideal for a home with children.

They Are Portable.

If you are renting a property or see yourself moving in the near future then an above ground unit is a great way to enjoy the benefits they offer without the long term commitment of having it built into a property. For this reason it is also a great investment as swim spas are renowned for being reliable (with proper maintenance), and as such hold quite a bit of value if you ever decided to sell it.

They Can Be Built Indoors Easier

Above ground models are much more suited to indoor installations. Underground indoor installations require the foundations of the house to be removed and completely remade (unless it is for a new build house) and are sometimes impossible to do without major remodelling. With an above ground unit you can enjoy swimming all year round regardless of the weather.

They Are Cheaper

For obvious reasons they are undoubtedly cheaper to install than a underground swim spa, by several orders of magnitude.

Shallow Swim Spa
This cheap Chinese swim spa is quite shallow

They Are Not As Deep (Usually)

Plunge pools are rising in popularity, and obviously due to the depth required there is a maximum limit to how deep an above ground spa can be. However even above ground installations with their depth limit are more than suitable for normal use, you just cant do cannonball dives into them!


In conclusion it can be said that above ground installs provide excellent value for money and make swim spas affordable to most people today. The many benefits that are provided by an above ground placement must be taken into account with the fact that they do not have the elegance and allure of those underground.

Unless you have a large amount of financial capital to invest installing underground we always recommend getting an above ground unit. You can then always resell it (it will hold a large amount of value) and then invest in getting one in built if you are getting enough use out of it to warrant the upgrade. The one exception to this is on new build properties or if you are already going to be having extensive ground work carried out on your house. As many of the underground installation costs will be mitigated by the work already being carried out.

Either way (above ground or underground) any swim spa is an excellent investment and will provide hours of entertainment and exercise to its owners.