Swim Spa Accessories

Once you have your swim spa up and running you may wish to expand your workout by trying out some different exercises. There are many great accessories on the market that can transform your unit in to a total workout machine!

Working Out With Wetbells

Wet Bells

Wet bells are one of the most commonly purchased accessories by swim spa owners. They are simply dumbbells designed for use underwater. Lightweight and comfortable to grip makes them safe and easy to work out with. Don’t underestimate their lightweight however, when working out underwater the resistance provided by the water makes Wet Bells a workout to be feared! You can pick up wet bells from any good water sports shop for around $30.

Swim Spa Tethers

A tether is the ultimate addition. After working out against the water resistance in your swim spa for a while you may start to notice that you find the resistance provided by the spa jets to be a bit too easy now you have increased your fitness level. This is where a spa tether becomes a great accessory to have. A tether is essentially a belt like device with a elastic cord that is attached to the swimmer. The other end of the tether is secured behind the swimmer. This creates added resistance to the normal jet flow enabling you to get a deeper and harder workout without needing to upgrade your jets.

Aquatic Exercise Bands

Aquatic exercise bands are an accessory very similar to resistance bands used in gyms out of the water – except designed for use in water. They can provide a range of exercises, the most popular is the rowing exercise. The combination of the splashing in the water with the realistic motion that the bands allow is great fun all year round. And as with all exercises the resistance in the water makes this accessory a great workout.


A perfectly shaded swim spa with a sunbrella
A perfectly shaded swim spa with a sunbrella


Lets not forget that swim spas are not just for working out. The ability to convert into a hot tub style jaccuzi will (or should!) also be a large part or your usage. The sunbrella is a great accessory. Designed to attach to the side of any model the sunbrella’s pole has the perfect curve angle to provide shade for sunny days relaxing in the water.


As they can be deeper than normal hot tubs, specially designed steps are required to get in and out safely. Slipping around water (as we were all told as kids) is very dangerous, and after a particularly hard workout your legs may not be at their best. Get a great set of steps like the smartstep or the durastep to enjoy in safety.

Smart Bar

The smart bar is a great accessory when being used for relaxation. Enjoy a ice cold cocktail with the smart bar. It simply attaches to the side of your units housing and is provides a solid surface for you and your friends to leave their drinks on while in the water.

Towel Bar

An often overlooked but GREAT accessory is a towel bar. Towel bars are nothing particularly special. They simply are a towel bar that is designed to attach to your spa, but having a clean towel to dry off straight out of the water is a simple luxury that you will not regret investing in.