Endless pools 15Ft Spa Review

Endless pools are one of the big names in the swim spa industry. They have several different models available in all shapes and sizes – most of which feature a unique water current delivery system. We review the 15 foot Endless spa to give you a good idea of what to expect.


As the name suggests the 15ft Spa is 15 feet long, 7.5 feet wide,  and 4.6 feet deep. Which is a decent size for a swim spa. Again we prefer deeper swim spas personally but this is perfectly usable for resistance swimming.

Jets And Current

All models of endless pools swim spas use a patented current delivery system that they call the “laminar endless pools swim current”.  Instead of conventional jets there is a single large opening that is about 20 inches wide. This apparently can push out 5000 gallons of water per minute from its 5bhp motor. I must say that while the novel current delivery system that endless pools use was of average strength –  It was very uniform. There were no weak or flat spots in the current flow and it was a very enjoyable experience to swim against. If endless pools added a little more power to this model (like they seem to have done in some of their more premium models) it would be a contender for the best in in this price bracket.

The Angular Lines Are Really Not Appealing To My Eye
The Angular Lines Are Really Not Appealing To My Eye


The acrylic lining of the endless pools 15 foot model we used was a crisp white. The actual molding of the is was not as attractive as others in this price bracket in my opinion. I found it to be very angular and sharp (it was not physically sharp I hasten to add – it just looked very square). This is the one point I feel that lets this model down. The outer casing was a beautiful convincing faux mahogany which did look quite striking against the white interior.


The spa section of this model was adequate, but far from exceptional. Only seating three people is a huge issue for us we like it to be a group activity. One of the seats has several  jets to massage your back which is quite pleasurable. However the two other seats are at the very other end of the swim spa and have no jets at all. The 15ft Endless pool is certainly not something you should consider if you want true dual functionality and group activities.


There were no additional accessories on the model we reviewed.


The owners had owned their spa for 4 years without issue. Their maintenance schedule seemed regular and adequate. So with proper care it seems the swim spa is well made and will last you at least 4 years without issue.


Overall the endless 15 foot spa is a budget model swim spa and should be treated as such. The resistance swimming from their unique current delivery system is quite good for the price bracket. However the spa section and aesthetics really let this model down. All in all a great model if you primarily want to use it for swim training, not so good if you want to use it as a hot tub.

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