The 2018 Awards!

The results are in!

 We can now announce the winner of the 2018 Swim Spa Of The Year Award. The winner was decided by taking into account several factors and it has really been close!

The Winner Is The Swimex 600S!

Swimex 600s at sunset
Who would not want to be in that swim spa right now?


We reviewed quite a few swim spas. It took us a couple of months to get together over some wine to discuss who we will give the award to. And we all agree here the 600S is the best swim spa of 2018and is the clear winner.
For the price of the 600S there was really no other make or model that we came across that offered what we look for when we test a swim spa. The current was impeccably uniform and powerful. The dimensions are perfect for anyone that is of an average (or even large) build. /And it really is a beautiful looking piece of equipment to put the cherry on top. You can read the review to see what we thought about the 600S when we reviewed it here.

Or visit the Swimex website by clicking here.

awardWe have reached out to Swimex for comment and will update this page as soon as they get back to us.

Also a big congratulations to Micheal Phelps, who’s MP Signature model came a close second place, and is one of the best swim spas we know of. But this year it was just slightly beaten to the gold by Swimex and the 600s.

Thanks very much for all your input and comments. You guys are what keeps this site alive and impartial.