Swim Spa Reviews

So like to think we know what we are talking about when it comes to swim spa reviews . This section of dedicated to honestly reviewing different makes models.

All reviews are going to be 100% unbiased and impartial, we will never accept payment or favour for any of the reviews here. So get ready to read some of the most impartial reviews out there! Its a good idea to get a rough idea of how much they cost before reading these reviews – we plan to do several of these tests, and they will inevitably in very different price brackets.

When we test out a new model we are very comprehensive. All the articles you will read below have been written by us from first hand experience. We take into account several different factors such as: How much maintenance is required? How much it costs? How nice are the aesthetics? How strong and uniform is the water current? How good is it for working out? How good is it for relaxing in the water? and many other things.

However, we would LOVE your input. If you have had a direct experience with a model we have written about please leave a comment to help other people make an informed decision. We really would appreciate it.

Michael Phelps MP Signature

Michael Phelps is one of the big names in this industry. For good reason too. As a Olympic gold medalist swimmer he knows what is needed in a training routine. Check out our Michael Phelps MP Signature Review!

Riptide Tita

Being one of the largest available on the market we just knew we needed to get into this as soon as possible. Many are praising the riptide titan. As soon as we got a chance to give one a test run and find our for our selves we jumped at the chance. Its the big daddy, is it worth the price? Read our Riptide titan review to find out more!

Aquafit Play

The Aquafit play  has been designed to to be a hybrid between a hot tub and a swimspa. We jump in to see if the Aquafit play lives up to its claims. Read what we think about the  Aquafit Play

Vortex Hydrozone

Although it is a reasonably unknown model is not going to escape our reviews! The Hydrozone  claims to be the best value for money on the market. Is it true? Take a look at what we think about the  Vortex Hydrozone,

Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness Select F1239

The Ultimate Fitness Select F1239 is one of the prettiest and most attractive machines we have ever seen in its price range. But does it have the function to match its fashion? Read about the  Ultimate Fitness Select F1239

Hydropool Aquafit 14 FX

The hydropool Aquafit 14 FX was a very fun expericience for us. Find out why be reading about the  Aquafit 14FX

Endless Pools 15ft

Endless Pools are one of the big names. We test their 15ft model in our Endless Pools 15ft Spa Review

Swimex 600s “Mount Everest”

Swimex are known for making no nonsense pure training machines. We try out their “mount everest”  machine in our test of the Swimex 600s