In Ground Swim Spas

Of the two ways of having a swim spa the in ground is usually the most desirable, but also the most expensive.

In ground installation are usually much more powerful and deeper than those above ground. However getting it built into the ground comes with several points that need to be considered as they do have several disadvantages over portable above ground models. Here are some pointers to get you thinking about if getting your yours built into the ground is right for you.

Do You Have Room for One?

This is obviously the big question. If you only just have enough room to fit one above ground in your home, chances are you wont have room for one built into the ground. There are all kinds of cables and pipes running under your yard that you probably don’t know about. If you don’t have that much room to begin with there is a good chance you will need to get pipes and cables re routed when the earth is moved to install it. It’s not impossible. But its expensive. $2000 would not be a terrible estimate on average (obviously that is a ball park figure, your own in ground installation would vary). Is the extra expense worth it?

In ground swimspa without fence

While very pretty, they can cause quite a hazard to young children without a safety fence

Do You have Children?

The dangers of children and water are obvious. Even with a cover on an in ground swim spa accidents can happen much easier than an above ground pool for obvious reasons. A trip by a young child into the pool can be fatal and happens more often than you would think. Depending on size and your location, you may even be required to install a safety fence around the perimeter.

How Soon Do You Want Your Swim Spa?

Above ground swim spas can be installed in one or two days at any time of the year. However an underground install can take around 2-4 months. The better business bureau recommends that you get swimming pools (and therefore swim spas) installed towards the end of summer in climates with varying seasons meaning you will get a whole summer of usage the next year. Is it worth the wait?

Can You Cover The Costs?

We have a great article on swim spa costs which covers the topic in more detail. But basically you are going to pay about the same for an above ground or under ground installation from the manufacturer but the installation costs are several times larger putting it in the ground.

Are You Planning On moving Home?

A inbuilt underground swim spa will undoubtedly add value to your home, and are a great selling point for potential buyers. But if you do decide to move – obviously you cant take it with you!

An underground inbuilt install undoubtedly the most luxurious option if you are thinking about getting a swim spa. If you have the funds available to you then we recommend you do so. If you are having a new build property then without a doubt this is true. However if not perhaps an above ground swim spa would be more appropriate.

Do you have an inbuilt or underground swim spa. Let us know your experiences in the comments section to help future potential swim spa owners make the best choice!