Hydropool Aquafit 14 fx

Hydropool are relatively small manufacturer of swim spas when compared to some of the larger companies. We don’t get to review them all that often but we managed to find someone with a Hydropool Aquafit 14fx for us to review.

Hydropool 14 FX Interior
Hydropool 14 FX Interior


The Aquasport 14fx is 14.5 feet long, 7.75 feet wide, and just over 4 feet deep. Making it a reasonable size for swimming in. We were able to use it without issue for a prolonged period of time. However this is one of the shallowest swim spas we have ever come across and I personally feel that it is a little too shallow.  However the Aquarfit 14fx is a budget level model which should be taken into account. For amount it costs, its not a bad size.

Jets And Current

The Aquafit 14fx was never going to be the most powerful swim spa in the world. It has a single pump to power the current. It is fine to swim against at a leisurely pace. But if you want a little more resistance you will find the Auquafit 14fx lacking. Again – it is a budget model, and if cost is an issue buying a resistance swimming teather would make this a perfectly usable swim spa on a budget.


The inner acrylic coating of the Aquafit 14fx is very well moulded out of non slip acrylic. It is not particularly attractive in the silvery grey the model we reviewed came in. However this being said it is not ugly either – simply average. The casing of the model we tested was a beautiful dark stained wood and was very impressive for a budget entry level unit.


The Spa section of the Aquafit 14fx seats two people, the jets are strong enough to get a good massage out of them and are placed quite well. Again nothing too astonishing about the spa section, but then again nothing too bad.

Hydropool 14 FX In Use
Hydropool 14 FX In Use


The model we tested did not have any accessories.


The owners had once had a problem with the inlet filter becoming clogged up which needed some repairs. However when I asked what it was clogged up with the answer was mainly hair. So this could be put down to improper maintenance by the owners.


All in all we need to be realistic about the Aquafit 14fx. It is a budget entry level model. The swim spa its self is perfectly fine, but distinctly average. There is nothing that excited us in particular about it – but for the price we didn’t expect great things anyway to be honest. So if you are on a budget and want a decent sized area – this may be for you. If you want something a little more luxurious we suggest you look elsewhere.

Hydropool Website

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