Endless Pool Costs – Is Your Budget Big Enough?

Disclaimer: Endless Pools (and all other swim spa manufacturers) are intentionally secretive about their pricing. All information in this article should be seen as a guide only, we make no claims to the accuracy of any endless pool prices on this page. All opinions are our own. We are not associated with any particular brand of swim spa in any way.

How Much Do Endless Pools Cost?

Endless pools and swim spas are available in a number of different price brackets.

  • For the brand called “Endless Pools” prices start at $23,900 for their most basic pool
  • For other brands of endless pool (a.k.a Swim Spas) prices can be as low as $9000

Things That Change The Price

Prices change drastically depending upon location, time of year, and property type.

To get an estimate (that is even remotely accurate) information is required about your project. Originally we were going to give you a bunch of equations later in this article for you to calculate out an accurate cost on your own. But instead, we have developed this handy tool below that does the hard work for you by providing you with a bunch of accurate estimates.

To get accurate price quotes try our handy tool below!

As you will see if you use the tool above, there are a wide range of different brands on offer that have a huge amount of variation between them in quality and price. However, there are many more factors that determine the price of an endless pool (or any swim spa for that matter).

Endless Pools vs Swim Spas

If we are honest this article was a little bit tricky for us to write about.

There is a brand called “Endless Pools” who have done something quite clever with the way they have named their business.

The brand Endless Pools create swimming machines. The proper name for these neverending pools that Endless Pools (and other brands) make is a “swim spa”. We feel that many people reading this article may be using the term Endless Pool to describe swim spas in general (instead of actually referring to the brand).

If that is the case, then you are not actually looking for endless pool prices, you are looking for swim spa prices…

We have a dedicated and detailed article that may be more suited to your needs

Click here to learn about swim spa prices in general.

This Endless Pool Costs A Lot
This endless pool costs a lot, but it’s worth it!


Swim spa manufacturers (including endless pools) are annoyingly vague about their pricing. Complete price lists are almost impossible to come across without talking to a sales rep. This is due to a number of reasons.

Time Of Year

The actual cost of an endless pool doesn’t really vary all that much throughout the year. Occasionally manufacturers will run promotions and provide discounts but by and large – the prices are (reasonably) fixed.

However, buying an pool is far from the only cost you are going to have to take into account. Installation is a huge expense in itself. Most people want to buy and install a swim spa in the summer months. The idea of swimming in a swimming machine while basking in the summers sun is obviously quite an enticing prospect. It’s the picture perfect vision people have of their swim spa, and as such engineers that can install endless pools are usually very busy this time of year.

Economics is a simple matter of supply and demand, and in the summer demand really out strips supply when it comes to this kind of skilled labor.

However, in the winter hardly anyone wants to get an unit installed. No one really dreams about running outside in the freezing cold and jumping into the water. But, if you are on a budget this is one of the best ways to cut down on installation costs.

Sure you might have to wait 6 months before you can use it in all its glory, but remember these pools are heated.

So it’s not actually that bad to use them in the winter. The amount you can save varies drastically (in conjunction with your location). But it’s not uncommon for you to be able to save $1000 to $2000 in installation costs for some of the bigger in ground installations.


Location is the next biggest determining factor when it comes to variations in price. This is for a number of reasons.

For example, if you live in somewhere with good weather all year round (like California) then you’re not going to be able to get some of the winter installation savings we talked above. Demand is steady throughout the year in locations like this and the installation cost will be roughly the same all year round.

Logistics are another reason why location matters. These things are huge objects that require heavy trucks to transport them. If you live in a big city this is probably not going to be an issue, most cities have local suppliers. But if you live in small town America (in the middle of nowhere) someone needs to be paid to transport your swim spa to you. This is can be an additional $200 to $400 on the cost depending upon your supplier.

Additionally, you need to take into account the access your property has. Once the pool has reached your home how are you going to get it into position?

If you are lucky this will not be a problem, but sometimes more drastic measures are needed. If possible this can mean removing a fence and driving the truck into your back yard, otherwise, you’re going to need a crane.

As you can imagine cranes are not cheap, and again if you live in a small town they may need to drive quite far to get to you. This can add an additional $500 to $1500 onto the total costs of your project.

Man swimming in a swim spa
This guy swimming is having a lot of fun!

Type Of Endless Pool

It’s important to note that in this section we are not talking about how the model of pool affects the cost, we are talking about the type of pool.

Endless pools (and all other swim spas) can be found in two main varieties. In ground and above ground.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that in ground models are the ones that are submerged into the ground, and above ground ones have an exterior housing that works much like a traditional hot tub.

In terms of actually buying the pool, an in ground model will be cheaper than an above ground model. This is due to the fact that the exterior housing that clads the outside of the unit is reasonably expensive, it can add an extra $1000 to $2000 to the price of the unit for some manufacturers.

However, this saving is somewhat negligible when you take into account the vast difference in installation costs.

Installing an above ground pool is reasonably simple and doesn’t actually require that much construction. You need to have a good solid concrete base for it to rest on, an adequate power supply, and a way to fill it up with water. That’s it. If you have the concrete base already (a good patio will do) you will pay just a few hundred dollars for your installation.

On the other hand, if you are looking at getting an in ground pool, then your costs are going to be much much higher.

You’re going to need to hire an excavator (and someone to operate it) to dig a large hole (1 or 2 days work). You’re then going to need to reinforce the sides to avoid too much pressure being put on your pool. You’re then going to need to lower the pool into place (you need a crane for this) and secure it with earth. Finally, you need to fill in the gaps, and re landscape the top section where the pool meets the surface.

Cost estimates for this are going to vary massively (in no small part due to your location and the time of year). But another significant variable is your property. How easy is it for this all to take place at your home? How big is your pool? Are you going to hit bedrock pretty quickly (which takes more work)? Our rough guess is between $4000 and $7000 in total for installation in ground. Which is more than enough to make the savings you get from not needing an exterior cladding seem insignificant.


Endless pools are one of the better brands when it comes to maintenance. They make exceptionally high-quality products that are well made and built to last. It’s rare that you hear about an issue that was caused by anything other than normal wear and tear. However, accidents can and do happen. Like all other swim spas, we recommend you put aside around $10 to $15 per month (or around $150 a year) for maintenance costs.

That being said if you follow the manufacturer’s advice it’s realistically never going to be needed for most people.

Outdoor swimming machine being used
This is one of the best looking pools we have seen


Something that is often overlooked when people are looking at getting a swim spa is the amount of damage it can do the environment. There is no getting around the fact that these things use a huge amount of electricity (like all other swim spas). They are big powerful machines that pump huge amounts of water every second to give you something to swim against.

To be fair endless pools are one of the better brands when it comes to efficiency. If you get a no name brand from China you’re going to be using much more electricity than if you get a higher quality domestic product.

Running Costs

Running costs obviously vary with how much you are planning on using your pool. On average it’s going to cost around $2 to $3 per day to run a pool (around $100 per month). However, if you’re in your pool every day for extended periods these running costs can easily double to around $4 to $6 per day (or around $200 per month).

Endless Pools

Most of the information on this page has been about swim spas in general, but we thought it would be prudent to look at some specifics about endless pools just in case you were specifically searching for the brand.

Endless pools are one of the oldest and most respected swim spa manufacturers in the world. They have sold over 20,000 individual units and have earned a reputation for quality and reliability that few other brands can match. Micheal Phelps swim spas cost about the same, and are of a similar quality, they’re widely regarded as being one of their main competitors.

They have a range of different products on the market each designed to fit a different niche and desire. Most of these products are available in in ground or above ground models (remember the in ground pools are cheaper, but the installation costs are more expensive).

However, all this quality does come at a price, and many endless pools cost more than other brands of a similar quality. We’re not talking about thousands of dollars difference but it’s certainly a variable we feel we have noticed. (Note: This is our personal opinion and should not be taken as fact. As we mentioned earlier it’s pretty difficult to actually deduce the average price for endless pools or any other brand for that matter).


So there you have it, some information on endless pool costs and our attempt at giving you a price list. There are so many variables that need to be taken into account that it’s almost impossible for us to write about this accurately without knowing your specific information.

Again, if you didn’t do it already – we highly recommend you look into using our estimation tool. It’s the only way you are ever going to get accurate pricing information about endless pools (or any other manufacturer).