Vortex Hydrozone Review

“Dollar For Dollar, Vortex Spas Give You More” is the slogan of vortex spas. We got our hands on a Vortex Hyrdozone to give it a good thorough review and this is what we thought.

Vortex Hydrozone Jets
The Four Jet System On The Vortex Hydrozone


At 19 Feet long and 7.5 feet wide the Vortex Hydrozone is quite a large swim spa and provides ample room for swimming. The depth of the swim spa at its deepest is 4.2 feet however which is not the deepest we have ever seen. And to be totally honest we would of liked it to be a little deeper. (Although this is just personal preference and the depth was more than adequate to enable use for resistance swimming without ever touching the bottom).

Jets And Current

The Vortex Hydrozone has 4 main jets that power the current to swim against. We are never usually a fan of 4 jet systems, finding them a little weak for our tastes. This being said the Vortex Hydrozone produced a fair amount of resistance to swim against for a 4 jet system and is on par with most other 4 jet swim spas. The 4 jets are powered by 4 3hp pumps which is slightly above average for this price bracket. On the whole not a bad amount of resistance to swim against, but nothing too special either.

Black Vortex Hydrozone
A Vortex Hydrozone Looking Classy In Black


The Vortex Hyrdozone we used had a black acrylic interior which was quite refreshing when compared to the majority of other swim spas that come mainly in only blues and whites. The backlit led’s make it quite a spectacle when being used at night. The model we used was built under a decking area so we were unable to see the casing to review it.


The spa section of the Vortex Hydrozone was the most impressive aspect of this swim spa. Being able to seat 5 adults with room to spare. The amount of jets vary from seat to seat with the main seat having 6 jets, the lounger having a whopping 16 jets, and the smaller seats having one main jet.

The lounger seat was very relaxing and I must say I annoyed the owners of the spa a little by refusing to get out of the best seat (jokingly of course)! All of the seats however (with the exception of the single jet seats) provided a great massage and were very comfortable to use. The single jet seats were not as good, but are only intended for use when you have a full spa – so its not really going to be a problem unless you plan on using the spa at maximum capacity regularly.


There were no accessories added to the model we used to review.


The owners of the Vortex Hydrozone had owned it for 2 years without issue. Their maintenance schedule seemed to be a little below an ideal amount of maintenance in our opinion. This makes the Vortex Hydrozone appear to be quite well built, and quite forgiving to new swim spa owners that do not do the amount of maintenance that they should. (Don’t take this as an excuse to be sloppy with your maintenance if you do decide to get one!)


The Vortex Hydrozone is a great swim spa that is worthy of anyone’s money. If you are looking for a dedicated resistance swimming machine then there are other models in this price bracket that in our opinion are a little better. But for general 50/50 swim spa / hot tub usage it is a great swim spa that is recommended by us.

What did you think of our review? Do you own or have you used a Vortex Hydrozone? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!