Explained: How To Buy A Good But Cheap Swim Spa

Picture this: you’re lounging in your backyard, sipping a cool drink, and suddenly, you feel the urge to take a dip. But wait, you don’t have a pool! That’s where swim spas come in. These versatile, all-in-one units combine the best of both worlds – the relaxation of a hot tub and the exercise potential of a swimming pool. Pretty neat, right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, a swim spa sounds great, but I bet they cost a fortune!” Well, fear not, my friend. In this article, we’ll explore how you can find a fantastic swim spa without breaking the bank. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details, so you can make an informed decision and get the most bang for your buck. 

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about swim spas, from the different types available to the factors you should consider when making your purchase. We’ll also share some insider tips and tricks for scoring a great deal, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a swim spa without the hefty price tag. So, let’s get started on this exciting journey together!

Understanding Swim Spas

What Exactly is a Swim Spa?

Before we dive into the details of finding your perfect swim spa, let’s take a moment to understand what they’re all about. A swim spa is essentially a cross between a swimming pool and a hot tub. It features a large, open area for swimming and exercising, as well as powerful jets that create a continuous current, allowing you to swim in place. Pretty cool, huh?

The Perks of Owning a Swim Spa

Now, you might be wondering, “Why would I want a swim spa instead of a traditional pool?” Well, there are plenty of reasons! For starters, swim spas are much more compact and require less space than a full-sized pool. They’re also easier to maintain, as they have smaller water volumes and built-in filtration systems. Plus, you can use them year-round, thanks to their insulation and heating capabilities.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Just like people, swim spas come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed specifically for exercise and feature strong, adjustable currents for a challenging swim. Others prioritize relaxation, with plenty of seating and massage jets for a spa-like experience. There are even dual-zone models that offer the best of both worlds, with separate areas for swimming and soaking. No matter your preferences, there’s a swim spa out there that’s perfect for you.

A Worthwhile Investment

At this point, you might be thinking, “Okay, swim spas sound amazing, but are they really worth the investment?” The answer is a resounding yes! Not only do swim spas provide endless opportunities for exercise, relaxation, and family fun, but they can also add value to your home. Plus, with the right care and maintenance, a quality swim spa can last for years, making it a smart long-term investment in your health and happiness.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Swim Spa

Size Matters

When it comes to swim spas, size is an important factor to consider. You’ll want to choose a model that fits comfortably in your backyard or designated space, while still providing plenty of room for swimming and relaxation. Take measurements of your available area and keep them handy when comparing different swim spa models. Don’t forget to account for any additional space needed for access and maintenance!

Jet Power and Water Flow

One of the key features of a swim spa is its ability to create a strong, steady current for swimming. When evaluating different models, pay close attention to the jet power and water flow. Look for swim spas with adjustable jets that can be customized to your preferred swimming intensity. Some high-end models even offer variable-speed currents that mimic the feeling of swimming in open water.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Running a swim spa can impact your energy bills, so it’s crucial to choose a model with good insulation and energy efficiency. Look for swim spas with high-density foam insulation, which helps maintain water temperature and reduce heat loss. Some models even feature eco-friendly designs and energy-saving features, such as LED lighting and low-power filtration systems, to help keep operating costs down.

Filtration and Water Maintenance

Keeping your swim spa water clean and clear is essential for both your health and enjoyment. When shopping for a swim spa, consider the filtration system and water maintenance requirements. Opt for models with advanced filtration technologies, such as ozone generators or UV-C sanitizers, which can help reduce the need for chemical treatments. Also, look for swim spas with easy-to-access filtration components and user-friendly control panels for hassle-free maintenance.

Bells and Whistles

While not essential, some swim spas come with additional features that can enhance your overall experience. LED lighting, sound systems, and waterfalls can create a soothing ambiance, while built-in exercise equipment, such as resistance bands or tether systems, can take your aquatic workouts to the next level. Consider which extras are important to you and factor them into your decision-making process.

Prioritizing Your Needs

With so many factors to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing a swim spa. The key is to prioritize your needs and preferences. Make a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves, and use it as a guide when comparing different models. Remember, the best swim spa for you is the one that ticks all your essential boxes without breaking the bank.

Tips for Finding a Good But Cheap Swim Spa

Do Your Homework

When it comes to finding a good deal on a swim spa, knowledge is power. Start by researching different brands and models online, reading customer reviews, and comparing features and prices. Don’t be afraid to reach out to manufacturers or dealers with questions or concerns. The more informed you are, the better equipped you’ll be to make a smart purchase decision.

Timing is Everything

Just like with any big purchase, timing can make a big difference when buying a swim spa. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, promotions, and special offers, such as end-of-summer clearance events or holiday discounts. You might also want to consider purchasing a swim spa during the off-season, when demand is lower and dealers may be more willing to negotiate prices.

Think Outside the Box

While buying a brand-new swim spa can be tempting, don’t overlook the potential savings of purchasing a used or refurbished model. Many dealers offer certified pre-owned swim spas that have been thoroughly inspected and restored to like-new condition. These models can offer significant cost savings without sacrificing quality or performance. Just be sure to do your due diligence and choose a reputable dealer with a proven track record of selling reliable used swim spas.

Negotiate Like a Pro

When it comes to getting the best deal on a swim spa, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Many dealers are willing to work with you to find a price that fits your budget, especially if you’re a serious buyer. Start by asking for their best price upfront, and don’t hesitate to counteroffer if it’s still outside your comfort zone. Remember, the worst they can say is no, and you might just end up with a fantastic deal.

Focus on the Essentials

When shopping for a swim spa on a budget, it’s important to prioritize the features that matter most to you. While luxury add-ons like built-in sound systems or fancy lighting can be nice, they can also drive up the price tag. Instead, focus on the essential components like jet power, insulation, and filtration, which will have the biggest impact on your overall swimming experience. By being strategic about your must-haves, you can find a high-quality swim spa that fits your needs without overspending.

Finding a good but cheap swim spa is all about being a savvy shopper. By doing your research, timing your purchase wisely, considering used options, negotiating like a pro, and prioritizing the essentials, you can score a fantastic deal on the swim spa of your dreams. Remember, a little bit of effort and patience can go a long way when it comes to making a smart investment in your health and happiness.

Where to Buy a Swim Spa

Shop Local

One of the best places to start your swim spa search is at local dealerships and showrooms. These brick-and-mortar stores allow you to see the swim spas in person, get a feel for their size and features, and ask questions directly to knowledgeable sales representatives. Plus, buying from a local dealer often comes with the added benefits of professional installation, after-sales service, and support.

Explore Online Options

If you’re comfortable shopping online, there are plenty of reputable retailers and marketplaces that offer swim spas at competitive prices. Online shopping allows you to browse a wide selection of models from the comfort of your own home, compare prices and features easily, and even read customer reviews and ratings. Just be sure to choose a trusted retailer with secure payment options and a solid return policy.

Go Straight to the Source

Another option is to buy your swim spa directly from the manufacturer. Many top swim spa brands have their own websites where you can learn about their products, customize your ideal model, and even place an order. Buying direct can sometimes lead to better prices, as you’re cutting out the middleman. However, keep in mind that you may need to arrange for shipping and installation separately.

Don’t Miss the Show

Home and garden trade shows can be a great place to find deals on swim spas. These events bring together multiple brands and dealers under one roof, allowing you to compare models and prices side by side. Many exhibitors offer special show discounts or promotions, making it a prime opportunity to snag a bargain. Plus, you can often see the swim spas in action and even take a test soak before making a decision.

Consider All Your Options

When it comes to buying a swim spa, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best option for you will depend on your individual needs, preferences, and budget. Take the time to explore all your options, from local dealerships to online retailers to manufacturer-direct purchases. By casting a wide net, you’ll be more likely to find the perfect swim spa at a price that works for you.

Whether you choose to shop local, explore online options, go straight to the source, or attend a home and garden show, the key is to do your research and compare your options carefully. By being a proactive and informed shopper, you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal swim spa for your home and budget. So go ahead and start exploring – your perfect swim spa is out there waiting for you!

Installation and Maintenance Costs

Preparing for Installation

So, you’ve found your dream swim spa at an unbeatable price. Congratulations! But before you start planning your first pool party, it’s important to consider the installation and maintenance costs. First up, let’s talk about site preparation. Depending on where you plan to put your swim spa, you may need to level the ground, pour a concrete pad, or even build a deck. These costs can add up quickly, so be sure to factor them into your budget.

Making It Official

Once your site is ready, it’s time to get your swim spa installed. While some handy folks may be tempted to tackle this project themselves, we generally recommend leaving it to the professionals. A certified installer will ensure that your swim spa is set up correctly, safely, and in compliance with any local codes or regulations. Plus, many manufacturers require professional installation to maintain your warranty. Expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for installation, depending on the complexity of the job.

Keeping It Clean

Now that your swim spa is up and running, it’s important to keep it well-maintained. Regular cleaning, water testing, and chemical treatments are essential for keeping your water crystal clear and bacteria-free. You’ll also need to replace your filters periodically and keep an eye out for any leaks or damage. While these maintenance tasks can be done yourself, some owners prefer to hire a professional service to handle them. Either way, be sure to budget for ongoing maintenance costs, including chemicals, filters, and any necessary repairs.

Powering Your Spa

One of the biggest ongoing expenses of owning a swim spa is the cost of electricity. Heating and circulating all that water takes a lot of energy, which can translate to higher utility bills. To minimize these costs, look for a swim spa with good insulation and energy-efficient features like LED lighting and low-power filtration. You can also invest in a high-quality cover to help retain heat and reduce evaporation. Finally, consider running your swim spa during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.

The Long Game

While the upfront costs of buying and installing a swim spa can be significant, it’s important to think about the long-term value. With proper care and maintenance, a quality swim spa can last for years, providing endless hours of exercise, relaxation, and family fun. By investing in energy-efficient features and staying on top of regular maintenance, you can help keep your operating costs down over time. And if you ever decide to sell your home, a well-maintained swim spa can be a major selling point that adds value to your property.

Owning a swim spa is a big responsibility, but it’s also a rewarding investment in your health, happiness, and home. By understanding the installation and maintenance costs upfront, you can make an informed decision and budget accordingly. Remember, a little bit of planning and preparation can go a long way toward ensuring that your swim spa is a source of joy and relaxation for years to come.

Warranties and After-Sales Support

The Importance of a Good Warranty

When you’re investing in a big-ticket item like a swim spa, it’s crucial to have a solid warranty in your corner. A warranty is like a safety net that protects you from unexpected repair costs and gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is covered. But not all warranties are created equal, so it’s important to understand what’s included and what’s not.

Reading the Fine Print

Before you sign on the dotted line, take the time to read through the warranty terms and conditions carefully. Look for details like the length of coverage, what components are included, and any limitations or exclusions. Some warranties may only cover certain parts of the swim spa, like the shell or the plumbing, while others may be more comprehensive. Make sure you understand exactly what’s covered and for how long.

Manufacturer vs. Dealer Warranties

Another thing to keep in mind is the difference between manufacturer warranties and dealer warranties. Manufacturer warranties are provided by the company that makes the swim spa and typically cover defects in materials or workmanship. Dealer warranties, on the other hand, are provided by the retailer and may include additional coverage for things like installation or service. Be sure to ask about both types of warranties and how they work together.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

One important thing to note is that most warranties require you to perform regular maintenance on your swim spa to keep the coverage valid. This means things like cleaning the filters, testing the water chemistry, and keeping the spa in good working order. Neglecting these tasks could void your warranty, so be sure to stay on top of your maintenance schedule.

Customer Service Counts

Finally, don’t forget to consider the quality of customer service and after-sales support when choosing a swim spa. Look for a manufacturer or dealer with a reputation for responsive, helpful service and a willingness to stand behind their products. After all, even the best warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up.

A good warranty and solid after-sales support can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your swim spa with confidence. By understanding the terms of your warranty, performing regular maintenance, and choosing a reputable manufacturer or dealer, you can protect your investment and ensure that your swim spa is a source of joy and relaxation for years to come. So don’t overlook this important factor when making your purchase decision – it could save you a lot of headaches down the road!

Real-Life Examples and Customer Reviews

Seeing Is Believing

When it comes to making a big purchase like a swim spa, sometimes it helps to hear from people who have been there, done that. That’s where real-life examples and customer reviews come in. These firsthand accounts can give you a better idea of what to expect from different brands and models, and help you avoid potential pitfalls.

Success Stories

One of the best ways to gauge the quality and value of a swim spa is to hear from satisfied customers. Look for testimonials from people who have purchased the same or similar models you’re considering. These success stories can highlight the benefits of ownership, like improved fitness, reduced stress, and quality family time. They can also give you a sense of how well the swim spa performs in real-world conditions, and how responsive the manufacturer or dealer is to customer needs.

A Cautionary Tale

On the flip side, it’s also important to hear from customers who have had less-than-positive experiences. While no product is perfect, a pattern of complaints or negative reviews could be a red flag. Look for reviews that mention issues like poor quality, malfunctioning components, or difficult installation. These cautionary tales can help you steer clear of potential lemons and make a more informed purchase decision.

Lessons Learned

In addition to reading individual reviews, look for common themes or lessons learned across multiple customers. For example, if several reviewers mention that a particular model is noisy or has weak jets, that could be a sign to steer clear. On the other hand, if multiple customers rave about the energy efficiency or easy maintenance of a certain brand, that could be a point in its favor.

Take It with a Grain of Salt

While customer reviews can be incredibly helpful, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt. Remember that everyone’s experience is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Look for reviews from people with similar needs and preferences to your own, and don’t let a single negative review sway you if the overall consensus is positive.

Real-life examples and customer reviews can be a valuable resource when shopping for a swim spa. By hearing from satisfied customers, learning from cautionary tales, and looking for common themes, you can get a better sense of what to expect from different brands and models. Just remember to take each review with a grain of salt and use them as one piece of the puzzle when making your final decision. With a little research and real-world perspective, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect swim spa for your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re considering buying a swim spa, chances are you have a few questions on your mind. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! In this section, we’ll address some of the most common concerns and queries that people have when shopping for a swim spa. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive in!

“How much does a swim spa really cost?”

This is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to swim spas. The truth is, prices can vary widely depending on factors like size, features, and brand. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 for a quality swim spa. However, there are options available for almost any budget, from entry-level models to high-end luxury spas.

“Can I use my swim spa year-round?”

Absolutely! One of the best things about swim spas is that they can be used in any season, thanks to their built-in heating and insulation. Whether you want to take a refreshing dip in the summer or a warm soak in the winter, your swim spa will be ready and waiting. Just keep in mind that you may need to adjust your water chemistry and maintenance routine depending on the time of year.

“How much space do I need for a swim spa?”

The amount of space you’ll need for your swim spa will depend on the size and model you choose. On average, swim spas range from 12 to 20 feet in length and 6 to 8 feet in width. You’ll also need to allow for additional space around the perimeter for access and maintenance. Be sure to measure your available space carefully and choose a model that fits comfortably in your yard or designated area.

“What kind of maintenance does a swim spa require?”

Like any pool or spa, a swim spa requires regular maintenance to keep the water clean, clear, and safe to use. This includes testing and adjusting the water chemistry, cleaning the filters, and inspecting the equipment for any signs of wear or damage. Most swim spas come with easy-to-use maintenance kits and instructions, and many owners find that they can handle the basic tasks themselves. However, if you prefer a hands-off approach, you can always hire a professional service to take care of the maintenance for you.

“How long does a swim spa last?”

With proper care and maintenance, a quality swim spa can last for many years – even decades. The key is to choose a reputable brand with a proven track record of durability and reliability, and to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use and upkeep. By investing in a well-built swim spa and taking good care of it over time, you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership for years to come.

The Bottom Line

Buying a swim spa is a big decision, and it’s natural to have questions and concerns along the way. By addressing some of the most common FAQs, we hope to provide you with the information and reassurance you need to make an informed purchase. Remember, the best way to get answers to your specific questions is to talk to a knowledgeable sales representative or dealer. With a little research and guidance, you’ll be able to find the perfect swim spa for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of our comprehensive guide on how to buy a good but cheap swim spa. By now, you should have a solid understanding of what to look for, where to shop, and how to get the best value for your money. But before we wrap things up, let’s take a moment to recap some of the key points and takeaways.

When shopping for a swim spa, it’s important to focus on the essentials. This means prioritizing features like jet power, insulation, and filtration over luxury add-ons. It also means taking the time to research different brands and models, read customer reviews, and compare prices and warranties. By being an informed and savvy shopper, you can find a high-quality swim spa that fits your needs and budget.

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to take action! Start by setting a budget and making a list of your must-have features. Then, start exploring your options – whether that means visiting local dealerships, browsing online retailers, or attending home and garden shows. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, negotiate prices, and take your time making a decision. With a little patience and persistence, you’ll be able to find the perfect swim spa for you and your family.

Owning a swim spa is more than just a financial investment – it’s an investment in your health, happiness, and quality of life. With a swim spa, you’ll have access to year-round exercise, relaxation, and family fun right in your own backyard. You’ll be able to swim, soak, and socialize whenever you want, without the hassle and expense of a traditional pool. And with regular use and maintenance, your swim spa will provide years of enjoyment and value.

Buying a swim spa is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming one. By following the tips and advice in this guide, you can navigate the process with confidence and ease. Remember, the key is to do your research, prioritize your needs, and choose a reputable brand and dealer. With a little bit of effort and know-how, you’ll be able to find the perfect swim spa for you and your family – and start enjoying all the benefits of ownership right away.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shopping for your dream swim spa today! With the right information and approach, you’ll be able to find a high-quality, affordable swim spa that will provide you with years of health, happiness, and fun. Thanks for reading, and happy swimming!