Our Ultimate Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa Review

Picture yourself enjoying the benefits of a full-sized swimming pool without the extensive space requirements or maintenance hassles. That’s precisely what swim spas offer—a compact, all-in-one solution for aquatic fitness, relaxation, and hydrotherapy. These versatile units have gained popularity among homeowners, athletes, and wellness enthusiasts alike.

In this review article, we’ll be focusing on a standout model in the swim spa market: the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa. Developed in collaboration with the most decorated Olympian of all time, this swim spa promises to deliver an exceptional swimming experience and a range of therapeutic features.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa, examining its features, performance, and user experiences. We’ll dive into the details of its construction, jet system, water management, and more. Additionally, we’ll explore the swim spa’s potential for hydrotherapy, relaxation, and overall wellness.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa has to offer and whether it might be the perfect addition to your home or fitness routine. So, let’s take the plunge and discover what makes this swim spa a true force to be reckoned with.

Features and Specifications

Dimensions and Capacity: A Perfect Fit

The Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa is designed to provide ample space for swimming and relaxation without overwhelming your backyard. With dimensions of 231″ x 94″ x 60″ (587 cm x 239 cm x 152 cm), it strikes a balance between spaciousness and practicality. The swim spa boasts a water capacity of 2,420 gallons (9,161 liters), ensuring a deep and immersive swimming experience.

Shell Construction and Insulation: Built to Last

Crafted with durable acrylic and reinforced with a galvanized steel frame, the Force Deep’s shell is built to withstand the test of time. The spa’s multiple layers of insulation, including a reflective thermal barrier and high-density foam, help maintain water temperature and reduce energy consumption.

Jet System and Water Flow: Customizable Currents

At the heart of the Force Deep’s swimming capabilities is its powerful jet system. With a total of 39 jets, including 35 large swim jets and 4 hydrotherapy jets, the swim spa offers a wide range of water flow options. The adjustable water current, powered by two 5 HP pumps, can be tailored to suit swimmers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.

Filtration and Water Management: Crystal Clear and Hassle-Free

Maintaining clean and clear water is a breeze with the Force Deep’s advanced filtration system. The spa features a large skimmer basket and a 100 sq. ft. cartridge filter, ensuring efficient debris removal and water purification. An ozone generator works alongside the filtration system to further sanitize the water, reducing the need for chemical treatments.

Heating System and Temperature Control: Always Just Right

The Force Deep is equipped with a 6.0 kW titanium heater, allowing you to maintain your desired water temperature year-round. The spa’s digital control panel makes it easy to adjust and monitor the temperature, ensuring a comfortable swimming and soaking experience.

Lighting and Additional Features: Ambience and Convenience

To enhance your swim spa experience, the Force Deep comes with a variety of lighting options, including underwater LED lights and exterior cabinet lighting. The spa also features a built-in Bluetooth audio system, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes while you swim or relax. Other convenient features include a large entry step, handrails, and an insulated cover to maintain water temperature and cleanliness when the spa is not in use.

With its impressive dimensions, durable construction, powerful jet system, and range of additional features, the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa offers a comprehensive package for aquatic fitness and relaxation.

Swimming Experience

A Swim for Every Skill Level

The Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa caters to swimmers of all abilities, from casual paddlers to competitive athletes. With its adjustable water current and resistance levels, the spa can create the perfect swimming environment for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a gentle flow to practice your strokes or a challenging current to push your limits, the Force Deep has you covered.

Versatility in Strokes and Exercises

The swim spa’s spacious design allows for a variety of swimming strokes, including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. You can also use the Force Deep for aquatic exercises, such as water jogging, resistance training, and core workouts. The spa’s built-in grab bars and anti-slip flooring provide added stability and safety during your workouts.

A Pool Alternative: Compact and Convenient

For those who don’t have the space or budget for a full-sized swimming pool, the Force Deep offers a fantastic alternative. With its compact footprint and self-contained design, the swim spa can be installed in a fraction of the space required for a traditional pool. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of swimming and aquatic exercise year-round, regardless of the weather outside.

Rave Reviews from Satisfied Swimmers

Don’t just take our word for it—the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa has received glowing testimonials from satisfied users. Swimmers praise the spa’s powerful current, which provides a challenging and enjoyable workout. Many appreciate the convenience of having a “personal pool” right in their backyard, available for use whenever they please.

Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

Targeted Jet Massage: Soothe Sore Muscles

After a vigorous swim session, the Force Deep’s hydrotherapy jets offer a welcoming respite. With four strategically placed jets, you can target specific muscle groups for a soothing massage. The spa’s ergonomic seating allows you to sit back, relax, and let the jets work their magic on your tired muscles.

Ergonomic Seating: Comfort and Support

The Force Deep features thoughtfully designed seating areas that prioritize comfort and support. The spa’s contoured seats and loungers cradle your body, promoting relaxation and reducing pressure points. Whether you’re enjoying a solo soak or unwinding with friends and family, there’s plenty of room for everyone to find their perfect spot.

Wellness Benefits: More Than Just a Swim

Regular use of the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa can lead to a host of health benefits. The warm water and jet massage can help reduce muscle tension, alleviate joint pain, and improve circulation. Hydrotherapy has also been shown to promote better sleep, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

A Relaxing Retreat: User Experiences

Many Force Deep owners have found the swim spa to be a sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. They appreciate the spa’s versatility, allowing them to switch between an invigorating swim and a soothing soak with ease. Some users even report that the spa has become a favorite spot for family bonding and entertaining guests.

From its customizable swimming experience to its rejuvenating hydrotherapy features, the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa offers a well-rounded package for fitness and relaxation enthusiasts alike.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting the Stage: Site Preparation

Before your Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa can be installed, you’ll need to prepare a suitable site. The spa requires a level, stable foundation, such as a reinforced concrete pad or a specially designed swim spa deck. You’ll also need to ensure that the site has access to the proper electrical supply, as the Force Deep requires a dedicated 240V, 60A circuit.

Delivery and Installation: Leave It to the Pros

Once your site is ready, the Force Deep will be delivered and installed by a professional team. The spa is typically crane-lifted into place, ensuring precise and safe placement. The installation process also includes connecting the spa to the electrical supply, filling it with water, and performing initial setup and testing.

Keeping It Clean: Regular Maintenance

To keep your Force Deep swim spa in top condition, regular maintenance is essential. This includes maintaining proper water chemistry, cleaning the filters, and caring for the spa’s shell and jets. The spa’s advanced filtration system and ozone generator help to minimize the amount of chemical treatment required, but you’ll still need to test and adjust the water balance periodically.

Water Chemistry: Test and adjust pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels weekly.

Filter Cleaning: Rinse the cartridge filter monthly and replace it every 6-12 months.

Shell and Jet Care: Wipe down the spa shell and clean the jets as needed to prevent buildup.

Winterization and Storage: Protecting Your Investment

If you live in an area with cold winters, you’ll need to winterize your Force Deep swim spa when it’s not in use. This involves draining the spa, blowing out the lines to remove excess water, and adding antifreeze to prevent freezing. Proper winterization helps to protect your spa’s components and extend its lifespan. When you’re ready to use the spa again, simply refill it, test the water chemistry, and you’re good to go.

Pricing and Warranty

Investing in Your Wellness: Purchase Cost

The Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa is a premium product with a price tag to match. While the exact cost may vary depending on your location and any additional features or accessories, you can expect to invest somewhere in the range of $30,000 to $40,000. Many dealers offer financing options to help make the purchase more manageable.

Operating Costs: Energy Efficiency in Mind

One of the advantages of the Force Deep swim spa is its energy efficiency. The spa’s well-insulated shell, cover, and plumbing help to minimize heat loss, reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain your desired water temperature. On average, owners report spending around $50 to $100 per month on electricity to operate the spa, depending on usage and local utility rates.

Warranty Coverage: Peace of Mind

The Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa comes with a comprehensive warranty to protect your investment. The spa’s shell and structure are covered by a 10-year warranty, while the plumbing and equipment are covered for 5 years. Additionally, the spa’s labor warranty covers any defects in workmanship for 3 years. Be sure to review the warranty details carefully and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and maintenance to ensure full coverage.

Customer Support: There When You Need It

In the event that you encounter any issues with your Force Deep swim spa, the manufacturer and your local dealer are there to help. The Michael Phelps Swim Spas team prides itself on providing exceptional customer support, with a network of trained technicians and a dedicated customer service hotline. Whether you have questions about maintenance, troubleshooting, or warranty coverage, you can count on prompt and professional assistance.

While the initial investment in a Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa may be significant, the long-term benefits for your health, wellness, and enjoyment are well worth it. With its energy-efficient design, comprehensive warranty, and dedicated customer support, you can feel confident in your decision to bring this incredible swim spa into your home.

Comparison to Competitors

Exploring the Swim Spa Landscape

The Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa is just one of many options in the growing swim spa market. To fully appreciate its unique features and value, it’s helpful to compare it to other leading brands and models. Some notable competitors include the Endless Pools Fitness Systems, SwimEx, and H2X Swim Spas.

Feature Face-Off: How the Force Deep Stacks Up

When comparing the Force Deep to other swim spas, consider factors such as the size of the swimming area, the power and adjustability of the water current, the number and placement of hydrotherapy jets, and the overall build quality. The Force Deep stands out with its spacious swim area, powerful jet system, and durable construction. However, some competitors may offer additional features, such as underwater treadmills or built-in exercise equipment.

A Unique Partnership: The Michael Phelps Advantage

One of the key selling points of the Force Deep is its association with Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time. This partnership brings a level of expertise and credibility to the swim spa’s design and performance. While other swim spas may have similar features, the Michael Phelps brand adds a unique level of trust and appeal for serious swimmers and fitness enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons

The Highlights: Force Deep’s Winning Features

The Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa has a lot to offer, from its powerful swimming current and customizable resistance levels to its comfortable hydrotherapy seating and energy-efficient design. The spa’s spacious swim area and durable construction make it a standout choice for both fitness and relaxation. Plus, the partnership with Michael Phelps adds a level of prestige and quality assurance.

Potential Drawbacks: Considerations Before You Buy

While the Force Deep has many impressive features, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. The spa’s sizeable footprint and weight may require significant site preparation and reinforcement. The initial purchase price and ongoing operating costs may also be a barrier for some buyers. Additionally, while the spa’s jet system is powerful, some users may prefer a more focused or customizable massage experience.


After a thorough review of the Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa, it’s clear that this swim spa offers a compelling combination of performance, relaxation, and quality craftsmanship. Its powerful swimming current, spacious design, and hydrotherapy features make it a versatile choice for fitness enthusiasts and those seeking at-home wellness solutions.

The Force Deep is an excellent option for serious swimmers looking to train and condition year-round, as well as individuals and families seeking a convenient and enjoyable way to exercise and unwind at home. If you have the space and budget to accommodate a swim spa and value the benefits of aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy, the Force Deep is definitely worth considering.

As the popularity of swim spas continues to grow, we can expect to see even more innovative features and designs in the years to come. The Michael Phelps Force Deep Swim Spa sets a high bar for performance and quality, inspiring other manufacturers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of home aquatic fitness. Whether you ultimately choose the Force Deep or another swim spa model, one thing is clear: the future of at-home swimming and relaxation looks brighter than ever.